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IO 1: Technical and methododical framework for
Learning analytics in Augmented reality based learning applications
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1st research paper: Synthesising Augmented Reality and Learning Analytics For Effective Workplace Learning

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2nd research paper: Learning Analytics in Augmented Reality - Blueprint for an AR / xAPI Framework

The research paper was presented at the IEEE TALE 2019 conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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- ETTE, ESCO;  Competence descriptions
- LRS Learning Record Store
- LMS Learning Management System


- Competence portfolio; Source: ETTE, ESCO
- Competence requirements catalogue; Source: Competence Portfolio
- User / Technology affordances catalogue; Source: Scientific Reports


- Design principles/elements framework
   Source: Learning Theories/Research, Actions

- Performance measures framework              
   Source: Competence requirements + Actions

- Learning records framework                           
   Source: Competence in Action

- Learning Analytics framework
   Source: LA Theory/Research, LRS

- LA information framework
   Source: LA framework, Requirements cat.

a learning / training activity supported by AR applications

ACTION observed, investigating Competence in ACTION

Observation Mode: during learning activity
Assessment Mode: in connection with learning activity (accompanying, subsequently)


LAAR conceptual framework

LAAR framework - draft version


LAAR design framework for AR app design
(presented at ECIS2018 conference) 

Design framework

3rd research paper: Augmented Reality for teaching and learning - a literature review on theoretical and empirical foundations

The research paper was presented at the ECIS2018 conference in Portsmouth, UK.

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The document is the reflection of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project LAAR, or Learning Analytics and Augmented Reality. With this text, we aim at the layman reader that is interested in education and training, without being an expert in the fields of education or training, neither as the field of digital learning platforms and applications

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IO 2:  Prototype AR learning application with integrated LA elements      

AR training application: "Who Am I" app

The LAAR project developed an application to learn the different safety signs in a real live environment.  The app is multilingual and includes three different modes: a training mode, an exploration mode and a quiz mode.


Demo Video LAAR "Who Am I" app

LAAR "Who Am I" app source code on Github


AR training application: "Follow Me" app

The LAAR project developed an application to learn how to prepare a truss for connection with an other in a real live environment.  The app is based on the peer assessment method. There are two interconnected apps, one for the learner, one for the peer. The learner gets instructions, the peer verifies the results and steers the progress.


Demo Video LAAR "Follow Me" app

LAAR "Follow Me" app source code on Github


AR training application for the Microsoft Hololens

An application to train connecting trusses was developed for the Hololens. The application leads the user through the process, but gives more freedom to chose which type of information the user wants to see or use.

  Demo Video LAAR MS Hololens app  

AR-portal app

To integrate the above apps into a larger consistent learning experience, the LAAR project developed a virtual learning environment for a phone or tablet.

  LAAR AR-portal app documentation  

IO 3: Field experiment: setting up appropriate research environment at real workplaces      
  Field experiment testing "Who Am I" app (flowers theme) with students @ IT University of Copenhagen   Design field experiment ITU  
  Field experiment testing "Who Am I" app (flowers theme) with students @ Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium   Design field experiment LG  
  Field experiment testing "Who Am I" app (safety signs) with refugees @ VPLT Langenhagen   Design field experiment VPLT  
  Field experiment testing "Follow Me" app and MS Hololens app with visitors @ fair ProLight&Sound 2019   Design field experiment PLS  
  Research paper: Theories, Design, Elements and Measures used in AR for Teaching and Learning-Insights from a Literature Review; accepted at ICALT 2018 (not presented)   LAAR research paper ICALT 2018  
  Research paper: Theory ingrained Design and Evaluation of Augmented Reality Apps for Education, accepted at DESRIST 2018 (not presented)   LAAR research paper DESRIST 2018  
  Research paper: The Effect of Marker-less AR on Task and Learning Performance; accepted + presented at WI2019   LAAR research paper WI2019  
  Research paper: Collaboration in Augmented Reality Supported Workplace Training; not accepted at WI2020
  LAAR research paper WI2020  
  Thesis paper: Augmented Reality in Informal Learning Environments - Design and Evaluation of Mobile Applications   Thesis paper AR design framework